Better than that, I celebrated my 80th birthday in December. I’m grateful I’ve survived, even thrived, till now. After my mastectomy and chemotherapy in 1979 my chance of cancer recurrence was high.  But I prayed a lot, tried to live as well as I could, and became braver than I’d been.  And if my living long and well happens to annoy anyone who has treated me badly, that’s a plus — though I never needed revenge.

A lot of water has flowed over the dam and under the bridge since August when I posted my Long Island Railroad gap mishap, but I’ve been too preoccupied to tell about it all.  Honey and I moved to Maryland in September and are very glad we landed here. We’ve gathered more material for “The Perils” getting settled, but came through safely. I’m ready to write again — at least monthly if I keep a resolution.

It’s January 2012, but I’m not wishing you a Happy New Year. I wish you a loving heart, an open mind and a hopeful spirit.  Also a good friend or two, a sense of humor, a pet who owns you, and an occasional or even daily glass of wine — if you can enjoy that pleasure.  Happy will come.  See my 2012 Christmas card above.

Next post: “A Moving Experience.”


  1. Dear Eileen, It is nice to see that you are back in the blogosphere. I would like to wish you a belated Happy Birthday. Those are love sentiments as New Year wishes. Best wishes B

    • Thanks, B. I’m enjoying your lively, lovely posts. And I’m so very glad we met in Ireland to start me on this winding path! Got lots of material for my blog over the past five months!?! Many blessings in the New Year to you, Eileen

  2. Bethany said

    Glad you’re back and writing!

    • Thanks, dear Bethany, for starting me on WordPress and guiding me along the way. There’ll be lots more to write about in 2012, as you know!
      Love, Eileen

  3. Mary Beeckman said

    Hi Eileen, Belated B-day greetings!
    I enjoy your log and love the name. I am moving in September but only a few miles away to Elim Park Place Riverbend. It is a CCC and I have to get rid of “stuff’. Could you use a lovely piano?
    Mary B.

    • So glad to hear from you, Mary, my dear friend from St. MM grammar school days. So many wonderful memories! How did we get to 80 so soon? Will post “Moving Experience(s)” this week. After that, will write more about those I meet along the way. Piano sounds tempting!xoxoxoEileen

  4. eileen frost said

    HI Eileen, I was thinking of you and hoping you were still writing. What
    has been happeing in your paradise? Nothing earth moving on this end.
    Same old, same old. Keep writing, I keep reading! Keep well.
    Eileen Frost.

    • Am happy you’re reading “The Perils…” Am planning to write oftener from now on. Been wrestling with writer’s block, mostly because I’m busy enjoying myself here in Maryland and have had so much to tell. I miss you, dear Eileen, but not the co-op situation. Slainte, Eileen G.

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