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Today is January 30th — almost the end of the first month of 2013, but not too late to wish you a mostly happy, reasonably healthy, fairly prosperous New Year — and the faith, family, friends and fortitude to weather occasional misfortune — which reminds us to treasure each other and the good times. Don’t forget to enjoy a glass or two of wine to cheer you, as I prescribed last year — if you can handle that pleasure. And a sense of humor is essential.

Now it’s Saturday, February 16th, over two weeks since I wrote the above. Once again my Mom’s mantra: “Well begun is half done” hasn’t worked as intended. I’ve been preocupied: minding my amazing grandson; doing volunteer work; taking care of Honey who’s starting to show her 11 years; doctor visits for her and me; household chores and errands; socializing; entertaining myself with theatre, movies, TV, reading, crossword puzzles — anything to postpone posting while I decided what I wanted to say. But I’m finally finishing this before spring arrives.

Thursday was Valentine’s Day and I’m still in a glow from the love I got and gave. Spending the day with Nolan was absolutely wonderful. Each time I see him he’s changed and grown more adorable, if that’s even possible. Now he can sit alone without toppling over to one side, and he moves along the floor — though he slithers backwards, sometimes ending up with his bottom under a chair or sofa. At the same age, my son, his dad, maneuvered like a commando under barbed wire, propelling himself forward on his belly by his bent arms. He went from that to walking, seemingly unaware he had knees. Nolan’s like that now, but he’ll figure it out in his own time in his own way.

My son came home by 3PM so I could leave for a dermatology appointment (another scare, but a biopsy showed only a pre-cancerous lesion on my arm) carrying a bouquet of multi-colored daisies and a Valentine balloon, along with six chocolate covered strawberries and a gingerbread man with a red heart on his chest. Also, a card saying what a good mom, grandma, and yes, mother-in-law I am. Hugs and kisses all around when I left.

While I was there, I had a phone call from my first beloved nephew, my brother’s older son Bill, wishing me Happy Valentine’s Day. As I told him before, I repeated that he was the first little boy I fell in love with, who made me want one of my own someday, and how joyful I felt talking to him with my grandson on my lap. Bill spoke to Nolan, who listened with rapt attention.

When I got home, another beloved nephew, my late sister’s younger son Tim, phoned to say he was glad we (me, my son, his wife and baby) were coming to his traditional St. Patrick’s party in Massachusetts. Tim and Stacie are the proud parents of three beautiful daughters: Elizabeth, Caroline and Josephine: ages four, two and eight months, respectively. It’ll be the first time I meet Josie, born just three weeks before my grandson. And it’ll be such fun to see Nolan with his sweet girl cousins. Of course I’m bringing my traditional Irish soda bread — two loaves — there’s always a houseful at Hogans’ ceili.

Ash Wednesday, February 13th, I decided to give up wine for Lent and kept my resolution all that day. Not that much of a sacrifice, really. But Thursday evening my meal consisted of six enormous, delicious, chocolate covered strawberries, washed down with two glasses of Merlot. Didn’t even feel guilty. The Wedding Feast at Cana story, where Jesus changed water into wine, surely gives us permission to savor that gift responsibly. I ate the hearty gingerbread man for breakfast next morning.

I’ll close for now, but a lot’s been happening (see second paragraph) and a lot is coming up. I’ll keep you “posted.”

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