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In the long view, 2013 has been a very good year. In spite of several perils — Honey’s and my health problems; a terrifying near-miss car crash, then three minor auto incidents; household equipment breakdowns and repairs; a couple of encounters that bruised my tender psyche (which I won’t go into here). My strand of pearls is getting longer — almost opera length.

My angel pet is feeling and acting well again — her insulin injections are routinely accepted, she’s alert and even frisky at times, though her arthritic back legs slow her down a bit. She’s as affectionate as ever, and I cherish her even more with her ailments, which now include cataracts.

Speaking of which, I’ve changed opthalomologists and have an appointment in January to discuss right eye cataract surgery. Yesterday I endured yet another annoying visual field test. I’m sure a sadist invented this subtle torture, and only a masochist could tolerate or possibly enjoy it.

I’ve changed primary care doctors, too. Still feeling ill after good reports from cardiology and pulmonary tests, I saw my former physician again. He sat across the room typing on a keyboard, hardly looking up, told me to increase my anti-depressant, and call him in six weeks. I was still recovering from mold illness, I believe, but he dismissed that idea, even after I gave him articles I’d found on the Internet.

My new doctor is a woman, a participating provider in my secondary medical plan, and listed among U.S. News and World Report’s best doctors of 2012. When Icomplimented her on this honor, she laughed and seemed to shrug off the honor. Dr. Sood has a varied family practive and is empathetic and attentive. I went back to my maintenance dose of Venlafaxine and felt completely well in time to be very grateful by Thanksgiving.

If you waded through “Plumbing” you know about my water heater and sink disposal malfunctions. Well, on my return last week from visiting friends in New York I saw a leak from the kitchen ceiling, and the flow continued all night into the big bucket I put beneath. The next day a plumber fixed the broken pipe — the unfortunate upstairs neighbors were responsible again for my ceiling repair. Am I lucky or what?

More pearls: my grandson is growing, thriving, walking, talking, (mostly his own language) and more lovable each time I’m with him. He’ll have some competition next July when his sibling is born, but my heart has room for more. His mom and dad are raising him beautifully, and I treasure them for who they are themselves.

Now that I’m back to normal, I’m looking forward to showing my photographs again through the Harford Artists Association. Saturday I had a sociable time at their Christmas party — my potluck contribution an Irish soda bread. I’ve also signed up for classes on digital photography and gentle yoga at the local senior center.

And, of course, “The Perils” will be updated regularly. Coming up next: “Lost and Found” about an adventure I had in New York that ended well. So good to see old friends again and meet other interesting people. So good to be alive and well!

In the meantime, I wish my faithful followers a heartfelt happy, healthy New Year! Just keep hanging in there and things will work out for the best, even if they get worse for a while.

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