I’ve been too happiimagely busy since August to write any posts.  Now it’s the last day of October, and I don’t want anyone to be concerned that I’ve  quit the blog or possibly “given up the ghost!”  So this will be briefer than usual since today looks to be a happy, busy one, too.

Angel and I are driving to Baltimore to join my wonderful daughter-in-law and her adorable sons trick or treating — I’ll be wearing a witch’s hat with straggly black hair and a black shawl, my toddler grandson will be dressed as a cowboy, his baby brother as a calf (no bull, at three months old). Am bringing a big bag of candy (opened just to sample the quality — excellent) to give out later.  Last year my older grandson, then a year old, won first prize in his age group at a costume contest at the Baltimore Zoo — the little darling dressed as Dracula, complete with blood stains on his innocent face.

I had the best time from the end of August to the end of September at my nephews’ cottage in North Sea, Southampton.  Just me and Angel for the first three weeks, then joined by my son and his family for the last week.  Sunny, mild weather almost every day.  Did lots of reading, visited ocean and bay beaches, enjoyed a boat ride to Greenport on the north fork, relished delicious meals and drinks, toured nearby Sag Harbor and East Hampton, strolled on Southampton’s Main Street and Job’s Lane, window and bargain shopped, relaxed at outside tables on Main Street or at Tate’s with coffee and a crossword puzzle, met lots of friendly people — Angel is as much a magnet as Honey ever was.

And it was so good to see my cousins again.  Paul, his wife Audrey, and sister Mary Denise live in their next door homes all year now.  Paul has been on kidney dialysis for over ten years and recently had heart surgery — but he’s doing better now, and his indomitable faith, courage and humor buoy him up — as do his loving wife, children and grandchildren.  Mary Denise, a couple of years older than I am, has always been very independent, involved in the community, and a regular golf player, but is now ill, too. I’m so thankful for my present good health and recent pleasures.

Among the most memorable:  My son’s 41st birthday celebration at Meschutt’s Beach Hut on the bay, with a lively band playing.  My toddler grandson and I rooming together for a week — he in a bottom bunk bed, me in a nearby twin bed.  His soft “Gramma?” about 7:30AM each morning waking me cheerfully (a mini-miracle) and enjoying a private breakfast  at the kitchen counter, looking out the window towards the bay.  Holding and cuddling my baby grandson as he smiled and gurgled his own special language to me.  His Christening last Saturday and the joyful family gathering afterwards. All surely a foretaste of Heaven on earth.

I’ve got to get ready to leave in about an hour and a half, so will close for now.   I wish you many treats and few tricks today.  And many blessings on All Souls’ and All Saints’ Days.


  1. Happy Halloween to you too Eileen, and I am glad that you have been happily busy. 😉

    • Thank you, dear B. It’s been over 3 years since we met in Ireland and I started my blog — thanks to you, really! I’ll be 83 on December 3rd — and mostly still going strong, thank God. Wish you’d now and then add some more about yourself, your thoughts and feelings to your interesting blog.
      Fondly, Eileen

  2. Christine Copeland said

    What a lovely post. You write so well. I love hearing about your grand babies. Great to hear from you. kisses and hugs.

    Sent from my iPad

    • Dear, dear Christine:
      I owe you a phone visit — ;overdue. You’re so sweet to say such nice things about my blog! As I said in my introduction, it’s “therapy” for me, and a bonus if anyone else enjoys my ramblings. Had a wonderful Halloween with Kieran and family!! And the next day with them, too.
      Lots of love, Aunt Eileen

  3. I have a smile on my face after reading your blog, I’ve been in MA for the past two weeksbe home by train tomorrow. Today’s the first really cold day. I’ll . talk with you soon,I hope!……

    • Hi Marilyn:
      Glad my posts make you smile. I did a lot of smiling on Halloween and the day after, too, with my family. It’s a little lonesome today after being with them. But am on call for sitting tomorrow morning, so I can get another “love fix.” Hope to talk to you and see you soon,too.Maybe lunch and/or a movie?

  4. kathleen runacres said

    Hi Eileen,

    I have been thinking of you and have to apologize for not keeping in touch.

    When I opened my computer the first thing I did was check your blog, and enjoyed your last one from August when you wrote about Matt’s wedding…It sounded lovely..I opened my  email to drop you a line and there you were with your latest,filling me in on what you have been up to. It sounds like you are as busy  as usual and I am glad to know that…I am sorry that I didn’t get to see you out east. You have spent more time out there then I have this summer..I am happy for you. I love it out there but unfortunately I really don’t use the house as much as I would like.

    Everything is good here.  We had a busy, but, un eventual summer.  No vacations or anything just normal things.

    I celebrated my EIGHTIETH BIRTHDAY. on September 15th…I really had a hard time with that birthday..I didn’t want to go out of the house , I didn’t want anyone to know..then as the time went on and it was happening. I told Don I want to take all of my nieces and there spouses of my brother and his girlfriend to dinner at Rockville Links..but I did not want anyone to mention that it was my 80th b.d.  

    That did not happen…Don and I arrived first, then came one niece with balloons, the next with flowers for the table and then there was a cake..

    The secret is out and I really don’t care and nothing has changed so I am handling it pretty well!!! Hope you had a great Halloween and hopefully, I talk to you soon.  Stay well,   Love, Kathleen

  5. Hi Kathy:

    So good to hear from you. Have been meaning to call you, too. Had such fun with Kieran and family Halloween and the next day. It’s too quiet here today after being with them! Thank God I’ve got Angel. By the way, being 80 doesn’t hurt much after a while. I’m happy your family celebrated the big event with you! Remember back to how we felt when we turned 40? We’re just aging like fine wine (and drinking some now and then helps, too!) Will talk to you soon..
    Love, Eileen

  6. Kasie said

    Hi Eileen! I’m so happy to hear you sounding so well!! Your grandchildren are so beautiful, and the radiating joy they bring you is just wonderful. It’s been too long since we’ve seen you last, and it sounds like you’ve been having some great adventures,
    we’ll need to catch up.. Very best regards, Kasie & Nelson P.

    • Hi Kasie and family. Good to hear from you, too. By now I hope you’re well settled into life here. Am so glad I moved to MD three years ago this fall. The big bonus has been my two wonderful grandsons. Say Hi if you see me at St. Margaret’s Sunday noon Mass. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year holiday. xo

  7. Zee said

    Hi Eileen this is zee we spoke today on the phone. I wanted to say that it was nice speaking with you today and i love your blog. I didn’t get a chance to say on the phone but we have a lot in common I’m a cancer survivor (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) and I’m a Sagittarius (december 4th) Lol thanks for having such a sunny disposition and reminding me to look on the bright side of life. Bad times are only temporary and we have so much to be grateful for, 😆😆😆😆

    • Hi Zee: Enjoyed talking to you yesterday too. Am so happy Empire Plan covers hearing aids — have been putting off getting them because of outrageous cost. How wonderful that my going back to school at age 52 and working as a librarian (wanted to keep busy after being heartbroken about some family perfidy!) has given me a pension and benefits now. Another example of bad stuff leading to good stuff — God’s Wonderful Mysterious Ways. My son survived Hodgkins Lymphoma 20 years ago. God bless and keep you a long time too. xo

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