Wanted to send a post by today — it’s suddenly the last day of March — time  does really fly when you’re having fun — even when not so much. But Angel and I are just back from another long, leisurely walk on the boardwalk at Havre de Grace on this balmy last day of March. Talk about going out like a lamb. And I’m enjoying a glass of Yellow Tail Riesling before dinner, feeling lazy and relaxed, not in the mood to update you on what’s happened since February 29th.  So you’ll have to wait till tomorrow.  No fooling.


  1. Amy said

    Miss Eileen, I enjoy reading your posts and glad to see you are well. I hope you enjoyed your Downton Tea. My friend and I saw you at the screening in January (we sat behind you for the premiere).

    • So good to hear from you again, Amy! Enjoyed the last Downton Tea very much and had fun “dressing up” again. Wish you were there! Looking forward to the possible Downton movie. Miss those lovable, wonderful characters.

  2. Margaret Carter said

    Hello Eileen, I very much enjoyed meeting you yesterday on the promenade. As I promised I began reading your Blog when I returned home.I have to say it is as interesting as our conversation. I look forward to seeing you again.
    Margaret Carter, and Zorba

    • Angel and I enjoyed meeting you and Zorba yesterday. Amazing how we “outgoing and talkative” types connect so quickly. Feel some pity for those who’ve chosen, or can’t help being, “private and closemouthed!” Hope to see you both again at the Promenade before too long!

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