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Discharged last Tuesday, well enough to continue meds at home, the doctors decided, and I agreed, would visit therapist in Bel Air and psychiatrist at Harford Memorial to monitor prescriptions, do more volunteer work.  Going to see Maeve at last.  Walked to Emergency Room parking lot where left car 16 days before, gave grumpy attendant at exit a letter from social worker stating I’d been an inpatient, forgive fee.

Woman in booth frowned, made phone call, asked me for license, gave me a form to sign, sternly said I’d be billed for $150! I pleaded to no avail, she called for security guard who took his time coming, but was kinder —  went into booth and lifted the gate .  I’d been delayed from Kieran’s, was there over an hour, sometimes standing outside car in hot sun. But social services is now on the case!

Then to Kieran’s, finally got to hold Maeve in my arms, saw Mommy, Daddy and Nolan — Jack napping — couldn’t wait for me. Later went to get Angel from vet — happy to be together again — and home at last.  Saw therapist today, said I wasn’t sleeping well on Trazodone, had tried unsuccessfully to reach Hopkins and Harford Memorial psychiatrists.She reminded me that meds “take time to work.”  I know that, am trying to be patient. Keep me in your prayers








  1. Christine said

    Glad you are home but worried about you! It must be a good thing that you have the presence of mind to blog and let us all know that you are back home! I need you to know that you are loved and admired. I also hope you’ll win your parking snafu. How cynical that hospitals charge for parking. A sign of everything that’s wrong with how things are done, and for no reason other than businesses can get away with it. Wish I was geographically less challenged and could pop in for a cup of tea. Take good care. Xox. P.s. Congrats on another girl copeland. It’s about time. This one is getting a little long in tooth.

    • Thanks,Dear Christine,
      Wish you could be nearer, too! You’re so sweet to call me and keep in touch since we “reconnected! Heard from Patient Experience Dept. at Hopkins today — investigating the parking incident, and finding out who was the nasty attendant who wouldn’t let me out!?!
      Kieran, Bethany, Nolan, Jack and Maeve — all adorable! Still adjusting to meds but am “hanging in there” as I always try to do.
      Love, Aunt Eileen

      • Thanks Christine! Had visit today from Kieran and wonderful family. Got to hold Maeve again. They;re all wonderful. Keep me in your prayers.

  2. Pamela said

    Eileen, you are in my prayers…please don’t give up. Sending you hugs and love…

    • Dear Pamela:
      Thanks for your prayers — I wont give up. Thanks for hugs and love.

  3. Chris Jackson said

    I hate that you have been having such a rough time of late – adding sleep troubles to an already difficult health challenge really makes for an uphill climb. But I love to see you bravely sharing your struggle. I always hope someone who may feel alone will find strength in knowing someone else understands their problems and that there are options to work toward wellness. I’m sure time with family (and especially that new beauty) and snuggling with Angel are also key parts of a winning prescription. Praying that the best combo of meds is soon achieved and you are on a path to continued, improving health. Love you!

    • Thanks, dear Christine. Had visit from Kieran and his wonderful brood today. Maeve is beautiful. Held her a long time and she was contented, looking up at me. Your cousin is wonderful, so is Bethany. The boys are a delight. Am adjusting to meds, Not 100% yet, but much better.
      Love, Aunt Eileen

  4. Stephanie Hogan said

    I am so sorry to hear of the pain you’ve been going through. Hope the medication kicks in and gets you back on your feet soon. In the meantime, enjoy walks with Angel and your new granddaughter.

    • Dear Steph:
      Thanks so much for your comment. It’s been a hard slog, but I’m “hanging in there.” Some side effects from new meds, but am told they’ll end. Enjoyed visit today from Kieran and wonderful family. Got to hold darling Maeve again — this time she was contented, didn’t cry when mommy handed her to me Tuesday.
      Happy third wedding anniversary to you and Matt!
      Love, Aunt Eileen

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