Some slightly amusing incidents at Hopkins Bayview to lighten the foregoing:

After several days of eating large portions of bland, lukewarm food, became what is euphemistically called irregular.  Went to medication window, told humorless technician I needed laxative. He silently turned around and picked up a syringe.  Alarmed, I gasped:”Is that for me?”  Back still turned, he filled the syringe, mumbling:”It’s for someone else.”

When he visited, Kieran brought the tweezers and small hand mirror I’d asked for, and a nurse supervised as I plucked, standing at a sunny window.  Non-glass, dim mirrors in bathrooms for safety reasons. No nail clippers or files allowed at all.

I wore same long pants most days, hadn’t brought many clothes. One morning,  for a change, put on knee length denim skirt.   Nurse followed me, tapped me on the shoulder saying:  “Please go back to your room and change into something else.”  Apparently concerned that the narrow back slit would reveal a scandalous peek at my thighs.

By the way, had dinner and stayed overnight at Kieran and Bethany’s Saturday night — so good to see them and wonderful grandchildren again. When I went to get car, heavy rain began, dangerous storm on my way home, I was invited to stay. Didn’t want to take Kieran’s temporary bed in guest room, but I did, gratefully.  My son  in charge of Nolan and Jack  in room next door — Jack sometimes wakes crying.  Bethany and Maeve together in another room for nighttime breast feeding.

Kieran slept on futon mattress on floor in dining room. And Sunday morning persuaded me  (very reluctant) to work out on exercise bike at the their Y in Baltimore, and added me to their family membership.  Knees and insteps a little sore today.  But intend to go regularly to Abingdon Y — my son claims exercise boosts spirits.

Collected Angel at Kieran’s, drove to noon Mass at St. Margaret’s, stayed for blessing of the sick as I’ve done before, then to moving  memorial gathering for Charlotte, my good condo neighbor,  who died after bravely enduring several illnesses.  Her family served a generous lunch for relatives and friends in our community room, and spoke movingly of their happy times together. I’ll miss her in apartment C next door.

Have appointment this afternoon with psychiatrist at Harford Memorial Hospital in Havre de Grace who monitors  medications.  Not sleeping well with Trazodone at home.  And  an hour or so after taking 150mg of Efexor with breakfast, start to feel groggy and confused. I keep moving anyway, but it’s hard after not much sleep. Had to correct lots of typos on this. Will close for now and take Angel and myself for walk around condo, increasing our melatonin and endorphin levels.


  1. Kathleen Runacres said

    You are doing great Eileen. You still can see the funny side of things. Stay on the Track you are on and you Will be fine😘👍

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Christine said

    I’m with you. I would need tweezers at least once a day. It’s my favorite past time and there’s always a new chin hair willing to abide! Why can’t you have an unsupervised Q-tip? jeesh. Your being able to process this helps allay my concerns so thank you for being able to share your rather healthy perspective and let us know you are back.

    • Thanks, dear Christine. Still have a way to go, but so glad I’m home with Angel again. And near Kieran, Bethany, Nolan, Jack and Maeve!
      Happens I have two nieces named Christine, both dear to me. Next time add Copeland or Jackson to comment.
      xoxo One for each of you.

  3. Tracy Grainger said

    I hope all is well with you, I love reading your posts. Keep exercising that will make you feel so much better and give you energy as it boosts Serotonin levels. I don’t know if you remember me, this is Tracy from Dr. Soods office, I am the one who brought you back to the room to do your intake. Stay healthy and be well. I look forward to reading your future posts!😄

    • I remember you, Tracy. Almost missed seeing your lovely comment in my email but recovered it. I know it takes time for anti-depressants to work, and mine may need some adjusting, but am “hanging in there” as I try to do. Read on printout I got with prescription that care should be taken when over age 65 — More side effects!?! Am seeing a psychiatrist at Harford Memorial who spends about 10 minutes with me re meds — the way it is now. All the best to you and Dr.Sood. Eileen

  4. marilyn murphy said

    so proud of you

  5. And I’m so proud of you — you’re brave and wonderful! Thank you dear Marilyn. Trying to keep my slightly diminished sense of humor!

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