It’s the last day of March, nothing like a lamb — rainy, chilly and windy.  Strange weather we’ve been having — some 70+ degree days, people wearing sandals — then frigid temperatures, snow, and winter coats again.  Deniers of unusual global climate change are delusional.

Missed posting in February, though a made an unfinished attempt on February 28th. A lot’s been going on.  A trip to Massachusetts for the Hogans’ annual St. Patrick’s festival – bringing my Irish soda bread, of course.  The next week went to a Celtic Celebration concert by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra — third generation Irish descent, and the songs, dances and rousing bagpipes of my ancestors move me — roots go deep. Best of all, weekly overnight visits to Bethany, Kieran and my adorable grandchildren. Volunteer work at a hospital. Exercise classes at the senior center — hanging in there.

I promised epiphanies back in January — hope you haven’t been in suspense!  Reminded me of Al Francken’s Stuart Smiley, in the glory days of “Saturday Night Live,” gazing in a mirror,  affirming himself, murmuring “deep thoughts.” Now Senator Francken from Minnesota, it was wonderfully ironic to see him  — deadpan, with a sly downward glance — skewering our so-called Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.

Have had glimmers before, but understand more now — brace yourself!  It’s a miracle we’re even here at all — think of the odds, the multiple possible combinations of sperm and ova. And God charges a fair fare for an amazing lifelong journey — challenges to try us, then blessings and joys if we keep faith. We’re all in this together — I couldn’t have managed without loving family, friends, and my angelic pet Angel.

The trees are blossoming pink and white in Maryland.  Ducks and geese are pairing up on the pond in Bynum Run Park — babies coming soon. Tomorrow, I’m sowing grass seed on the bare patches in front of my patio.  The condo’s pool passes will be ready for Memorial Day weekend.  And America will survive the ignorance and incompetency of our so-called President Trump. (So unhealthily puffy looking — so full of himself.) Anyway, springtime is a time for hoping.


  1. marilyn murphy said

    Enjoyable as always, keep them coming !

  2. Thanks, Marilyn. Have a lovely time on your trip. See you in May.
    xo Eileen

  3. Kevin said

    The Spring is indeed a hopeful time filled with new energy. I would add a note regarding your last comment that although our democracy will persevere it could use the active support of its citizenry.

  4. Kris RUs said

    Hi Eileen! Ditto what Marilyn said! Hope we can talk soon. Take care!

    • Thanks for your comment, Kris. Hope things are going well with you. Have misplaced your phone numbers — send by email and I’ll call you for a change.
      xo Eileen.
      P.S. Are Loretta, Susan or Marcia ever going to retire??

  5. Christine said

    Yes, the bloat, the bloat. Such a disgrace. On that one, Happy April fools day. We are celebrating here with a wild flower hike near the coast.

  6. Happy April’s Fool Day back to you! Enjoy your wild flower hike today. You four know what it’s all about and how to live right! Really pathetic people in the White House, but I find it hard to feel sympathy. By the way, as usual, I’ve “tweaked” the post, trying to improve a bit.
    Love, Aunt Eileen

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