This morning, on the way to WaWa for my customary French vanilla decaf coffee, plain donut for dunking, and “The [real news] Washington Post,” I turned on Tredmore Road and saw a curious sight — a woman and two young children, sitting on folding chairs near the curb, holding up small handwritten signs. Couldn’t make out the message as I drove by — probably young entrepreneurs offering refreshments on a hot summer day, with mom supervising sales.

As I came near, all three held up the signs, hopeful smiles fading as I kept going. Felt a twinge — sorry I’d passed them by — decided to stop on the way back.  A boy about five — he reminded me of my grandson Nolan — and his sister, maybe six, were selling ice pops for a dollar, though none were in evidence.  Their aunt had encouraged the project to keep them busy while their mom visited their new baby sister in the hospital, still there with birth complications.

I asked for an orange and an apple ice, gave each child a dollar, and they filled the order in the garage where the pops were kept frozen. I was their first and only customer, said the aunt.  They’d been discouraged and had started to walk away when I arrived. Now they were delighted, both beaming and dancing around, waving the money. The boy  suddenly ran and gave me an enthusiastic hug.  Worth more than a dollar.  Priceless.

This afternoon Angel and I visited Havre d’Grace again for a walk on the boardwalk, water for her and a coffee ice cream float for me at the Promenade Cafe. After, we relaxed in a gazebo,  met a retired kindergarten teacher, Myrtle, and her son Charley, who proudly told me: “Today’s my mom’s 103rd birthday!” His mother added emphatically: “And I’m in very good health!” Which she certainly seemed to be.  Charley told me he’s had cancer three times, last time seven years ago, when doctors said he’d only live three months.

You never know who’ll you meet when you stop along the way.  Or what you’ll learn if you do.



  1. Chris Jackson said

    Thanks for sharing today’s encounters. They sound like they combined to make for a perfect day! (Oh, and the coffee ice cream float sure didn’t hurt, either.)

    • Thanks, dear Chris. Yes, it was a lovely day. By the way, have already edited (and improved or messed up) first version.
      Love, Aunt Eileen

  2. Pamela Magalee said

    Hi Eileen… sounds like you’re doing well!!! I hope you remember me from Bayview…

    • Thanks, Pam. Yes I remember you. Am doing much better since Bayview, thank God!
      Fondly, Eileen

  3. Christine copeland said

    Lovely story. Be sure to floss as you had two popsicles and one ice cream float! Xoxo

    • No flossing needed, but I’ll brush well tonight. Thanks again for the pix from beautiful Italy. Love to you all.
      Aunt Eileen

  4. Debby Brown said

    Thank you, Eileen!!

    What a wonderful start to my day!!

  5. Tracy said

    Sounds like you are really enjoying yourself these days, glad to read your posts. You are a great writer and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  6. Stef Hogan said

    Sounds like such a lovely summer day!

    • Dear Stef:
      Thanks for your comment. Lots of love to you, Matt and Clara Eve!
      Aunt Eileen

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