Thirty seven years and one week ago today, on September 19, 1970, Kieran John Gallagher and Eileen Marie Copeland were married at St. Mary Magdalene Church, in Springfield Gardens, New York. My sister, Mary, my maid of honor.  My brother, Bill, escorted me down the aisle.  Kieran’s brother, Kevin, his best man.  Six friends his ushers.

A memorable moment at the nuptial mass:  As the priest, citing the Wedding Feast at Cana, solemnly intoned: “And a miracle has been performed today!”  — a rumble of hearty laughter arose from the congregation.  (We were both 38 years of age.)  But I believe it was mostly my husband’s buddies  — he was the last of them to take the leap.

Followed by a reception at my home in Laurelton, tables set in the yard — on very damp grass. A gorgeous, sunny day — after torrents of rain the whole day before.  We’d decorated our finished basement, in case, and the food would be served buffet style in the dining room, but it would have been a crowded, cozy party. We hadn’t told my mom how many we’d invited, over 100, assuming there’d be refusals. There weren’t.  An open bar in the garage.  A strolling accordion player. Best party I ever attended.

Exactly three years later, on our third anniversary, September 19, 1973, I was admitted to Flushing Hospital, a Caesarean section scheduled the next morning.  And on September 20th, our son, Kieran Anthony, entered the world. I’ll always be grateful that, after the recovery room, a sweet nurse wheeled my gurney up to the nursery window to see my infant son.  “A perfect baby boy,” the doctor pronounced. Weighing in at seven pounds, seven ounces. His daddy, Kieran John, came to visit, carrying a dozen red roses, with a card that read:  “Wow a boy!” Would have loved a girl, too.  But couldn’t help saying that!?

Kieran Anthony celebrated his 44th birthday last week.  And he and Bethany are now daddy and mommy to Nolan, Jack and Maeve.   Making memories every day.








  1. Kathleen Runacres said

    That was so nice Eileen ..hope you are doing well .. call me if u want to meet in the city for lunch or something. K

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Dear Kathy:
      Thanks, Kathy. I remember you and Mary Smith came to the church.Am doing much better. Just back from outing with Angel to a lovely park down by a harbor. Maybe we can meet sometime in October? Will talk to you..
      Love, Eileen

  2. Christine copeland said

    A beautiful story about a beautiful family. Happy belated anniversary and birthday to your baby boy. Xoxo

  3. Dear Christine:
    Thanks for your sweet comment. Don;t know if you remember, but you and your bro, Billy, were at church and reception. Think you were about 3 years old? And adorable, of course.
    Billy kept following me around all afternoon. There’s a pix of him leaning on me.
    Love, Aunt Eileen

  4. livelong55! said

    Beautiful – thank you for sharing! (Kris from J.’s email)

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