It’ll be dark pretty soon, a little earlier every evening now.  Excited  children are getting  ready to go trick-or-treating.  Princesses, action heroes and heroines, creepy creatures will be ringing doorbells, collecting hoards of candy.  There’ll probably be bonfires on beaches tonight.  Spooky stories told.  Apples bobbed for.   Does anyone still do that?  I hope so. That  was one of the highlights of a costume party for my son’s third grade friends.

The origin of Halloween goes back over 2,000 years to ancient Celtic harvest festivals, especially the Gaelic festival of Samhain, dedicated to remembering departed ancestors before the pagan new year began on November 1st. The celebration became All Hallows Evening, the eve of All Saints Day, in the early Christian church. (Thank you, Wikipedia.)

There’s more scary stuff going around this year than “things that go bump in the night.”  More frightening than ghosts, mummies, skeletons, witches or zombies. More terrifying than Norman Bates, Dracula, Freddy Krueger, Hannibal Lecter or Michael Myers. Most horrifying — it’s all REAL, not FAKE!

Our times are tenser than usual. Climate tragedies.  Mass shootings.  Terrorist attacks. Threats of nuclear holocaust.  And meanwhile, “the rich get rich and the poor get poorer.” The middle class is disappearing. Whatever your political persuasion, you must have noticed. Back to the future? The bad old days when the lowly, many of them immigrants, worked for the wealthy, as my Irish grandmother did. (If there are any immigrants.)

The Republicans’ magical trickle-down solution hasn’t ever worked and won’t work now.  It evaporates before it reaches the parched roots.  To their shame, they’re willing to overlook the travesty of  a president who promised us a virtual rose garden,  but lacks competence, even common courtesy,  among other obvious failings.  As long as he signs their agenda into law.








  1. Pamela said

    Eileen, you are so right…

    • Good to hear from you, Pam. I’m glad you agree. Still can’t understand how some people still think Trump is wonderful — even a couple of friends — who happen to have MONEY!?!

  2. Linda Koplovitz said

    May I repost this article on my Facebook page? I love it and my friends will too! With your permission of course. Linda -from the Goose Pond on Route 22.

    • Enjoyed meeting you, Julie and adorable Eli at Bynum Run Park. Of course, you may repost “Trick or Treat” on your Facebook page. I’m delighted with your comment! Am now in Bel Air library (my computer is kaput) tweaking it a bit — often do that after I “publish.” (Old English majors just can’t help it!?!)

      • Linda:
        P.S. Take a look at my tweaked post — if you haven’t reposted yet on Facebook, use this version. (Did first version in a hurry to get out on Halloween.)

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