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Somehow November and December got away from me — Thanksgiving, shopping, cards, Christmas — didn’t get around to blogging.  Suddenly, it’s the first day of January. A brand new year.  We all get another chance to get it right.

Am dashing this off  at my family’s in Baltimore. A lot going on around me. This will be short and, hopefully, sweet.  Nolan playing a boisterous, imaginary game of Wii tennis. (Boggles my mind!) Jack, on his hands and knees, zooming a toy car around the floor, with sound effects.  Maeve busily toddling around with a doll, talking to herself. Bethany in the kitchen cooking. (I offered to help, but she declined, handed me a glass of wine.) Kieran working today at the nursing home, due home soon for dinner.  A real treat:  filet mignon on the grill.

Here’s to the Year of Our Lord 2018!  I wish you and yours many blessings — health, happiness, love, friends. Prosperity, too. We’ll get through the winter as we always have before.  More snow is predicted in Maryland tomorrow.  But the days are getting longer now.  It’s lighter a little later each evening.  Spring is coming.

By the way, Kieran talked me into Wii bowling with him and Nolan. I finally gave in, very reluctantly.  Had fun.  Scored 111.  Will do better next time.






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