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Somehow November and December got away from me. Thanksgiving, shopping, cards, Christmas.  Didn’t get around to blogging.  Suddenly, it’s the first day of January. We all get another chance to get it right this year.

Am dashing this off at my family’s house in Baltimore. A lot going on around me. Nolan playing an energetic, grunting game of Wii tennis. Jack, on his hands and knees, zooming a toy car around the floor, with sound effects.  Maeve toddling around with a doll, holding it by one leg, babbling her own language.  Bethany in the kitchen cooking veggies for dinner.  (I offered to help, but she sweetly declined, handed me the glass of wine I’m sipping as I write.)  Kieran working at the nursing home on the holiday.  He’ll be grilling filet mignon on the deck — a real treat for the feast.

He just came in the door, and he and Nolan are inviting me to Wii bowl with them now.  “No thanks.  Can’t stand electronic games.  Nothing like the real thing,” say I. (Though it’s been many years since I last rolled a ball down an alley, often in the gutter.) But they keep persuading. So I’ll stand in front of the TV screen and push some buttons, so they’ll stop pushing mine.   One of my ongoing resolutions:  be more open to new experiences!?

So here’s a toast to auld lang zyne and the brand new year of Our Lord 2018!  I wish you and yours many blessings:  love, health, friends, happiness — prosperity, too, if possible. We’ll get through the winter once again. More snow is predicted in Maryland tomorrow.  But have you noticed the days are getting longer?  It’s lighter a little later each evening.  “Can spring be far behind?”





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