Had good intentions, started a post last night, hoping  to get in under the wire for February — but got sleepy and went to bed instead.  (So much for New Year’s resolutions!) Here’s a sketch of the month that was.

Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day, both on February 14th.  St. Margaret’s Church in the morning, and to Kieran’s in the afternoon, toting my (in)famous meatballs for dinner. Adorable grandchildren.  Hugs.  Kisses.  Bedtime stories.  Home with Nolan and Jack’s handmade valentines, now on refrigerator.

A surprise visit one afternoon from Kevin and Megan Jackson, on their way back from Villanova, where Megan’s been accepted for September.   So good to see them again.  Not since her grandpa Ed Collins’s 80th birthday party last May.

Wonderful Debbie, of Sparkle Cleaning Service, came once more and made my condo shine, cheerfully humming while she works her magic. Last year I’d decided I’d earned this luxury — wish I’d done it sooner. Angel loves her, too, following her around the apartment for belly rubs and happy talk.

Entertaining Chinese New Year celebration at a Baltimore museum with the Gallagher Clan. Costumed youngsters performing intricate steps to drumbeats and ancient music.  Colorful dragons (two people inside) kicking and writhing around the floor, delighting the crowd.  Followed by a craft workshop, Nolan and Jack making party hats. Then a buffet lunch at a Nepalese restaurant.  Broadening my palate!?

Just in passing, a check-up at the dermatologist.  Still good to go in the skin I’m in. Always grateful for my excellent medical coverage.

Balmy weather the last days of February.  A preview of spring.  Angel and I have been enjoying leisurely strolls in Bynum Run Park and on the boardwalk at Havre de Grace.  A pleasure after recent record freezing temperatures — then short walks with my pet, both of us bundled up to the nose, me tugging on her leash:  “Let’s go home.  Mommy give you treat.”  That always works.

By the way, may be retiring “The Perils…” after a random run of over six years. Want to concentrate on revising a couple of children’s stories I wrote long ago, and have been jotting down family memories, hopefully of interest to the younger generation.  Am now the third eldest:  My cousin, Jim Rogers, wins the gold at 96.  Cousin Patsy Beatty McNulty, earns the silver at 87.  And I get the bronze at 86.

Thank you for coming along with me on this bumpy ride.  Many blessings always to you and your loved ones.


















  1. Collins, Daniel (GE Healthcare) said

    Hi Aunt Eileen!

    Always great to read your posts! I do hope you come back to them after the book revision work.

    It sounds like you are doing well as we are. Looking forward to Spring but am having a setback since I have spent the week for work in Montreal this week and even having to add an extra day to accommodate the impending nor’easter already wreaking havoc on air travel tomorrow.

    Say “hi”, to Keiran and family when you speak to them next!

    My best,

    Dan (favorite nephew)

  2. Dear Dan:
    So good to hear from you. Thanks for encouraging comment. Just got phone call from Harford County about horrific winds coming, better take in patio chairs and batten down proverbial hatches. Get home safe!
    Love, Aunt Eileen (favorite aunt)

  3. Tracy said

    It is a pleasure to read your column always I know when I read them it will put a smile on my face. It was a pleasure meeting you at the doctors office where I worked, good luck on your new endeavors.

  4. Christine Copeland said

    Well 86 but who could tell from all those fun escapades. You get around! Good for you. Very interested in those books you’ll write so get cracking. See you March 17 @ tim’s

    • Thanks, dear Christine. Awaiting Kieran, Nolan and Jack’s arrival. Entertainment for afternoon is helping me make Gramma’s apple pie!?! And a sleepover tonight. See you soon at Tim’s festivities.
      Love, Aunt Eileen

  5. Patty said

    Hi Eileen!!! Love always hearing from you please don’t retire😞. Love you Patty

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